Tenant Criminal History

TenantAlert.com offers two types of tenant criminal records: Instant and Repository Searches.

Instant Statewide & Nationwide Criminal Search
Instant searches are all criminal records that are returned instantaneously. Instant results are the most common search, because there is no time delay and there is no additional court costs associated with accessing criminal records (Colorado excluded - data is available at an additional fee). Sex Offender, Terrorist and Most Wanted searches are also instantaneously returned. The following states are not available as instant searches in the National Search or at a Statewide Search; DE, MA, SD and WY.

The data provided in an instant search comes from a variety of different sources; direct and in-direct. For example, criminal records from the state of Wisconsin are real-time and provided directly from the court upon receiving your request. Whereas, in-direct criminal records are those we have purchased directly from the state or jurisdiction.

The frequency of data updates will differ from jurisdiction due to the varying state/local requirements, laws and operating procedures. For exact frequency updates please refer to each individual state dataset below. Please be advised as an FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliant company we will not provide any record deemed a non-conviction record older than 7-years.

Repository Statewide Criminal Search - not instant
Repository searches are criminal records returned in a non-instant manner. These searches are provided as supplemental data in jurisdictions with limited data available instantly. There are currently nine Non-Instant Statewide searches available; AL, CA, MD, MS, NM, ND, SD, WY and Federal.

When requesting any non-instant statewide search, we will also search the Sexual Predator, Most Wanted and Terrorist datasets. Since this data is retrieved from court resources, the turnaround time is dependent on the jurisdiction being searched. Average turnaround time for non-instant statewide searches ranges from 1-30 business days.

Repository County Criminal Search - not instant
Similar to Statewide Criminal Repository Searches, the county searches are provided as a supplemental search to increase the depth of a search and/or increase coverage in jurisdictions that may have limited data available instantaneously. All U.S. counties, Puerto Rico, Guam and Virgin Island provinces/municipalities are available.

Several state and local jurisdictions require additional court access fees to obtain data. In those instances, the court access fees will be passed through to you. Average turnaround time for county searches is dependent on the individual state/jurisdiction overseeing the search. County-level searches are available for a 7 or 10-year time frame. Please be advised as an FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliant company we will not provide any non-conviction record(s) older than 7-10 years.